Are you studying, researching, working at the University of Würzburg? Would you like to be part of the #WueSeeYou project?

For the winter semester 2024/25, we are looking for protagonists to take part in the project with an interview on their own perspective on the diverse paths to the University of Würzburg.

There are two possible participation formats to choose from:

  • An interview on your own path to JMU
  • You can be interviewes as a patron for a historical personality at JMU


Would you like to become part of the project #WueSeeYou?

Please send us an email with the subject “Participation WueSeeYou WiSe24/25” to

We will then gladly note you for the next project period and inform you as soon as there are first plans.



We will inform you whether we can include your interview in the project during the winter semester 2024/25.

In case of participation: In a first step, you will receive our interview questions with the request to write down (a few) keywords about what you would like to address in the interview for each of the six questions. This way, the students know which topic focus should be set during the interview. At the same time, you as the protagonist of the interview can prepare yourself for the type of questions addressed at you.

However, please refrain from bringing a ready-made script to the interview and reading it out. The interview lives from your spontaneity!

For reports on historical personalities, please answer all questions from the perspective of the historical figure for whom you are the patron.

Approximately 3 hours: Brief study of the interview questions in advance plus individual interview appointment with the students (1-2 hrs.) plus acceptance of the interview in Pageflow format after completion.

Appointments will be arranged individually between the protagonists and the interviewing students.

The interview should take place in your daily work or study environment at the University of Würzburg. Ideally, it should take place in a setting that has something to do with the University of Würzburg and the protagonists themselves, e.g. in front of or in a building at the University of Würzburg where you spend a lot of time – in your office, your favourite lecture hall or seminar room, the corridor to your department or in front of the window at your workplace. You will exchange the exact ideas with the students when you make the interview appointment. If this is not possible in individual cases, we can offer a multimedia room at the Sanderring as setting.

The interviews can be conducted in English. Please discuss this with the students before the interview. The guiding interview questions will be provided in German and in English.

Diversity dimensions in the context of entryways to the University of Würzburg could be: Gender equality in practice, intercultural and international perspectives in one’s own field of work, studying as a child of a non-academic household, vocationally qualified studies, reconciliation of science or career and family, an inclusive working environment, barrier-free infrastructures (e.g. structural or communicative).

More background information on diversity can be found here in our Diversity FAQ.

The interview formats are quite short per se, so that only an excerpt of topics will be possible. Our focus lies on the journeys and entryways to the University of Würzburg while addressing the possible challenges and positive aspects along the way. The goal is visibility and encouragement – especially for other people with similar backgrounds. In the spirit of the Diversity Audit “Vielfalt gestalten”, we also want to counteract potential discrimination by making diverse paths to academia visible. We are aware that there can be critical perspectives on existing challenges. We have therefore planned to address development ideas and future visions within the reports. We want to shape a diverse university culture together, actively, participatively.

Perhaps you are already familiar with the biography of such a historical personality, or you are interested in receiving information about a personality from us and presenting it in a reportage. In both cases, the interview, just like all other interviews, is based on the guiding questions that are answered in the Pageflow. In the case of a report on a historical personality, you talk about the historical personality in interview excerpts.

An example from the winter semester 2022/23 can be found here: Marcella Boveri, presented by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ulrich Scheer

Would you like to become part of the project #WueSeeYou?

Please send us an email with the subject "Participation WueSeeYou WiSe24/25"