Declaration of Accessibility

The University of Würzburg strives to make its offerings accessible in accordance with § 1 BayGovV.

This Declaration of Accessibility applies to the website including subdomains at

State of Compatibility with Requirements

These web pages partially comply with § 1 BayEGovV.

The following content is not accessible for the following reasons: disproportionate burden.

Non-Accessible Content

  • There may be errors in the content hierarchy or links may be incomprehensible.
  • Color contrasts may be low in some cases.
  • The heading hierarchy is not always followed.
  • The pages are not yet available in an easy-to-read version.

Reason: As a university, we have a very extensive and diverse web presence, so errors cannot be completely avoided.

Creation of this Declaration of Accessibility

This declaration was created on 18.04.2023 as a self-assessment supported by third parties. The declaration was last reviewed in April 2023.